• Complete business management;
  • Cannabis business license acquisitions;
  • Day-to-Day business operations;
  • Retail, Cultivation, Manufacturing & Delivery;
  • Corporate compliance and much more;

cannabis business management


  • Start & operate a compliant cannabis business;
  • Seminars with attorneys and industry professionals;
  • How to get a cannabis business license;
  • Start Networking with Others;
  • Position yourself for the recreational cannabis market;

cannabis institute seminars


  • 100 pages of business advise;
  • Detailed breakdown of MCRSA & AUMA;
  • Laws & taxes for cannabis business;
  • Creating Operational Plans;
  • Continuing lifetime support;

cannabis training university online

Why is Premier National Cannabis Institute different? Because we aren’t trying to sell you anything. You may have noticed other business seminars or cannabis institutes trying to present the same information as Premier National Cannabis Institute. The reason our methodology has been copied so often, is because it works! However, look closely at the presenter of these “seminars”. Many are lawyer’s groups or hydroponic chains trying to rope you in so they can “teach” you to buy their products and services. Their curriculum is “wrapped” in a sales pitch. We don’t do that. We present you with an objective, expanse of options. We are here to help you succeed and we don’t push any one product or service over another. We do this with you in mind. Because we want you to succeed. Not because we want to sell you something, or have a hidden agenda. At Premier National Cannabis Institute, your success is our success.

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