Gone are the days when marijuana was considered to be a black market drug.  Today, many states have legalized its use which means that it is possible to set up marijuana businesses without any troubles.  Marijuana is only regarded to be illegal federally, but if you comply with the laws and rules, you will be able to stay out of legal issues.  Setting up a dispensary business requires you to obtain marijuana dispensary permits first.  For this, you will have to submit applications which attracts a non-refundable fee of about $5000 depending on the state you live in. Marijuana dispensary permits

Anyone can submit an application, but the spots are limited and only a handful will be chosen to start their businesses.  Basically, it is the best applications that really stand out will be considered.  When reviewing applications, the agents will look for individuals which are reliable, responsible, well-capitalized and has the resources necessary for starting such a business.  A great team will have to be put up so that every aspect of your business is covered when making the application for marijuana business permits.  Your team should be well-rounded and experienced for you to win your application.  Seeking legal advice before applying for a permit can also help you make wise investment choices.