What types of cannabis dispensary permits are there?

In October 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed the MCRSA which is also known as the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act into law.  Ever since this law was formed, the way in which medical cannabis businesses operated has changed dramatically.  What types of cannabis dispensary permits are there?Through the MCRSA, a more comprehensive licensing system has been established which relates to cultivation, retail sales, manufacture, transport, delivery, testing and distribution.   So if you are thinking what types of cannabis distribution permits are there, then you should know that there exist 18 types of permits which you can apply for in order to set up your very own legal cannabis business.What types of cannabis dispensary permits are there?

The Cultivation licenses are broken down into four categories which include Specialty, Small, Medium and Outdoor.  The type of license you obtain in this category depends on how large or small your operation will be and the type of lighting you will use.   The Manufacturing licenses can be divided into two categories depending on whether the process will utilize non-volatile or volatile solvents.  The Dispensary licenses are again distributed into two categories depending on the nature of the business.  Then, you have the Distribution license and the Transportation license.  These licenses can be obtained depending on the type of license you already have.